Net Art


A collaborative work with Marc Guillermin.

Each person, with his/her own history, draws what he/she sees in this atmosphere, his/her idea to build the city. From more formal and educated voices or simply noisy to feed mental construction. Upon arrival, each person who lives in this city, has built a more or less strong, critical, and conscious relationship with the city.

Desir de Canal

Desir de Canal

Why do I travel through the tubes?

Wall in progress

Walll in progress

This virtual work proposes a collaborative work of the wall construction in different part of the world. You are invited to visit each person's home and need to find a KEY to exit to THE COURTYARD. If you can't find the KEY, you are invited to stare at another wall of your present host.


Plunge 2002

An animation of an imaginative world without violence.